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Search Engine Optimization -- SEO -- involves anything and everything that enables search engines to find your website. We develop Search Engine Friendly websites: Search engines can get into our sites, index the content of each page, and provide search results to their users. Although search engine algorithms are always changing, there are tried and true SEO methods that can give your website solid baseline visibility.

Metatags, along with the textual content of your website, are critical components of SEO. Metatags are labels within the code of your web pages that provide search engines with basic information about your site. Here is an overview of some basic metatags.

  • Title tag: The title of your web page. This is the information that shows up in the title bar of any web browser.
  • Page description: A brief but informative description of the content of your web page. It is important to provide specific information about each page rather than to give each page in your site the same page description.
  • Keywords: A list of keywords and phrases that someone might use to look for your website/webpage. By providing search engines with specific keywords, you're encouraging them to include your pages in their search results when people search for the same terms. Of course all the other sites in the world with similar keywords are also striving for the top of the heap. The current thinking on keywords is that it is better to include them rather than leave them out of your metatags altogether.

The textual content of your website is also informative to search engines. If every page on your site had the same basic text, or no text at all, any search engine would have a hard time seeing what your site is about. It is therefore critical to include well-written text on your web pages. Pages full of pictures and graphics, forms, and scripts that don't include any other text are virtually invisible to search engines. Include unique textual content to distinguish your web pages from the others out there.

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