Revenue Advertising

If you've ever been to a site that displayed ads for other websites, you've seen revenue advertising. As the owner of a website, you might be able to make some cash via revenue advertising, but you must be willing to dedicate some area of your website to billboard-type functionality. Google's AdSense program is a common revenue ad program that happens to be served by its own AdWords program. Overture provides similar services via Yahoo. Other types of affiliate programs are provided by companies such as Commission Junction and LinkShare.

At best, unless your site is a major player, revenue ads might provide a minor, unpredictable source of residual income. The probability of a click-through on one of your revenue ads to someone else's site is entirely based on the amount of traffic on your site, as well as relevance of the ad and your visitors' interest in going to another site. Most website owners are so busy running their business, online or not, that they don't have the opportunity to consider revenue advertising. If you ever find yourself in a business lull, you might want to consider making room for revenue ads on your own website.

We consult with you to analyze the viability of this type of venture.

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