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Is it absolutely necessary to pay for the priviledge of getting visitors to come to your website? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. There are varying opinions out there about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but it appears to be a trend that has firmly taken root in the global competition for website traffic. For this reason alone, we have researched (and participated in) what it means to pay for website traffic via PPC. We have found that some businesses can benefit from a balanced approach with SEO and PPC advertising.

Paid advertising occurs when the owner of a website sponsors search engine listings for a particular set of keywords. The advertiser pays for the placement of ads on search engine results pages and then waits for traffic to his or her web site. The advertiser starts by bidding on search terms, and then the search engine ranks ads based on a competitive auction and what seems like a kajillion other factors. Even if you are willing to pay big bucks for PPC advertising, there is no guarantee that your ad will see the light of day on the first page of any set of search results. Further, there is no guarantee that anyone who sees your ad is going to click on it and subsequently make it to your website.

So while it may seem as if you have little control over how to get traffic to your website, you're probably correct. If you're not a major player like eBay or and you have a limited advertising budget, you're like like the rest of us. And while it may be frustrating, the good news is that we're all in the same boat. The worst you can do for your website is to do nothing at all. The best you can do is to hook up with a web development team who knows the best way for you to promote your website in your own market niche.

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