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Aesthetic Website Design

Color, contrast, graphics, photos and layout are aesthetic elements that enhance communication of information. The visual form of these elements on your website depends on the ideas you want to communicate to your potential customers. Ideas you might articulate include "trust this company," "buy this product," "read this information," "explore this area," etc. We integrate your objectives with aesthetic elements to achieve a desirable website atmosphere that will effectively communicate ideas and information to your customers.

Best practices for aesthetic website design

  • Create visual clues based on groupings; related items or links are grouped together while unrelated items are separated.
  • Use headings and subheadings to allow visual scanning of content.
  • Use headings, subheadings, font sizes, bold fonts and italic fonts in proportion to the importance of the item.
  • Align elements on a page so that they are all visually connected; size all elements on the page to create balance and unity; nothing should look out of place unless you have a specific reason for the effect.
  • Choose a font style that supports the site atmosphere and stick to it; limit styles to 2 at the most.
  • Use images and photos for visual appeal and to communicate ideas.
  • Use one set of design elements across your website.

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