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Website Usability

Customers will leave your website if it is difficult to use, takes too long to download, or doesn't clearly state what you offer. Your website is a tool that visitors should be able to use intuitively -- without directions.

Think everyone has fast computers and connections and that speed is not an issue?  Think again!  Current research shows that as much a 1/2 second can lose sales because what users expect is "fast".[1][2]

Usability is a measure of how easily your website can be used by visitors. Designing a website for usability means being an advocate for the website user. We custom-design websites with usability standards built into the process. After all, you want to clearly communicate to visitors the value of your company and products or services.

Best practices for website usability

The pages download quickly, the website fits in all browsers, the website works on all platforms and the hyperlinks, email links, forms, and graphics work as intended.

Content is clearly written for the intended audience, has correct spelling and grammar, is well organized in a site hierarchy, is logically formatted on the pages with proper use of headings, lists, bullets, boxes and other techniques for organizing information.

Navigation is intuitive to use, is consistently located on all pages, is logically grouped, and has labels that tell the user exactly where they will go, and where they have been.

[1] - Nicole Sullivan, Yahoo Developer Theater: "Design Fast Websites", December 17, 2008

[2] -Elinor Mills Staff Writer, CNET News, "Google says speed is king", November 9, 2006

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