Types of Websites

Your website can do anything you'd like it to do. These are the major types of sites that our clients typically ask us to build.

Information Websites/ Business Promotional:

  • Contains content that is primarily intended to inform visitors and promote a business or service.
  • Presents basic information about business services, locations, industry, etc.
  • May include hours of operation, staff directory, employee bios, office locations, maps, driving directions, mission statements, history, performance indicators, business affiliations, etc.
  • List contact information, email links and/or contact request forms.
  • May provide print-out capability of actual business brochures, info sheets, marketing materials, press kits, directions, menus, product guides, etc.

eCommerce Websites:

  • Primary focus is the sale and purchase of goods.
  • Presents the ability for customers (i.e., website visitors) to view product descriptions, specifications, photos, and ordering options such as size, color, quantity, etc.
  • Allows customers to collect products in a shopping cart feature.
  • Enables customer data capture via data collection forms.
  • Provides customers with the direct means for ordering products and purchasing them securely.
  • Provides payment processing and order confirmation to buyer and seller.
  • Specifies shipping options, directives, and fee processing.
  • Presents Customer Service information such as return policies, order problem tracking, processing, shipping and transit status.

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