Website Basics

It is important to consider your goals in owning a website before launching into design and development. There are many factors that will influence the direction of the design and development process. Here are some things to consider.

What are your goals for your website?

  1. Establish a web identity for your business or products
  2. Increase the visibility of your business
  3. Provide marketing or a promotional materials
  4. Increase your sales or provide a new sales channel

Who is your target audience?

  1. Who would you expect to visit/use your site?
  2. What is their purpose in visiting your site?
  3. Do they represent a specific consumer demographic?
  4. Would your expected visitors have any physical limitations?
  5. How do you expect people to find your site?

What interactivity would help you and your visitors?

  1. Contact information, maps, directions to your business
  2. Online sales
  3. A calendar of events
  4. Sign-ups for email distribution or newsletters
  5. Prospective client information collection (e.g., data forms)
  6. Providing members-only information, slide shows, media presentations

We will be glad to meet with you to get a better understanding of your business, your customers or clients, and your website goals. It is not necessary to have all the answers up front. Much of the initial phase of project development is to discover the who, what, why, when and how of your site. After our meeting, we'll be able to estimate your project cost and timeframe, and provide you with the details of your website project.


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