Member Management Systems

Member management can be useful for more than a few reasons but all have the common need for a password protected area of a website. The level of security will depend on the sensitivity of the information. A system that stops casual browsers from accessing non-sensitive information will be different from a system that protects personal information.

Member and Administrative Privileges

For the Ashland K-8 PTO, at, we developed a wish list management program that has two levels of permission to allow:

  • Teachers access to databases to manage their own wish lists in a password protected area and
  • A PTO administrator to manage the allowed users database (teachers) in a separate password protected area.

Owner-Only Content Management Privileges

At Shop4MyCommunity,, the owners wanted the ability to manage their own databases because of the frequency of change for their clients. We developed a secure password protected Administrative area that gives them editing control over:

  • Newsletter subscriber emails
  • Retailer information that shows in public website
  • Databases containing their key content and
  • Ability to automatically create HTML pages from their database information

Shopping Cart Account Privileges

Songs For Social Studies, at, sells a downloadable product where customers need account access for the download. After purchase is completed, customers have password access to their account where they can manage their shopping cart, downloads, newsletter subscriptions, previous invoices and their personal details. Client information is stored in databases using password encryption methods.

Membership Content Access Privileges

The National Elder Life Professionals Network, at, utilizes a password protected area for member-only content.

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