Web Forms and Email Scripts

Forms and scripts are a necessary part of communication across the World Wide Web. These applications will gather and process customer data, purchases, email notifications, account details and much more. Below are a small sample of some of the forms and scripts we have developed. If you have a specific application you want implemented, contact us to discuss it.

Newsletter Double Opt-in Confirmation

At Shop4MyCommunity, at www.shop4mycommunity.com, we developed a pop-up-window script to gather newsletter signup's into an owner managed database. It sends an email to the subscriber and registers them only after they confirm registration. The website owners can then manage subscribers and chosen preferences through a password protected administrative area.

Information Entry, Review and Confirmation

We developed a member directory registration form and script at www.nelpn.com that allows users to enter their information, review it, then edit it before confirming their registration. Once a registrant accepts the format, they are sent an email for a double opt-in confirmation. These types of scripts not only double the confirmation but also assure that the subscriber has entered a valid email address that they own.


We developed several standard Tell-a-Friend scripts so that website visitors can easily share interesting content with friends. The scripts send an email to one to three designated recipients. Within these types of scripts it is good practice to clarify that you are using the script only for the purpose of emailing the information and not collecting emails since the recipients did not chose to subscribe to any of your email lists. The honor system.

Online Quotes with Email Receipts

For Gemini Sign Letters, at www.geminisignletters.com, we developed a complex order calculator that provides an immediate online estimate. At the users request, they get an estimate by email with a copy and sales call request sent to the the Sales Department at Gemini. This type of form and script has proven successful in getting sales leads with orders more than 95% complete so that little work needs to be done on the phone to close the sale.

Multi-Part Applications

We developed several multi-part application forms for www.ashlandto.com including applications for volunteers, online event sales, and membership enrollment. All of these forms process the data and route emails to appropriate recipients. They also perform calculations that are passed into Buy Now buttons, used to set up purchases through a secure payment processing agent.

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