Content Management Systems or CMS

A content management system is a necessity for some businesses. If you require minor infrequent updates to your website then the cost of a CMS might not be economical for you however, if you have weekly or monthly changes to your website and have in-house staff that can assume the responsibility of those updates then having us install or build an application for you may be your best long-term solution. A content management application could allow you to manage databases that contain supporting website information or make changes directly to the content itself.

Content Management with Database Support has frequent updates to large amounts of data including community organizations, email lists, retailer lists and memberships. We built a password protected administrative management area that they can use to update database information that is used on website pages. They can also manage their database of emails that they have acquired through an automated registration form on the public website.

The Ashland PTO Calendar and The Catch 22 Restaurant Calendar both allow the owners to keep up-to-date information available for website visitors. These calendars store information in databases that is updated through a simple interface with password protection

The Ashland PTO Wishlist allows teachers to login and manage their own wishlist items. All wishlist items are stored in a database. When teachers login and update their items, the updates are immediately available in the public area of the website. These types of applications allow the owners to update their website content with little or no constant need for outside services.

Direct Website Content Management

Depending on your technical skills you may choose one of many solutions that allow you to edit website pages, HTML, with ease. Solutions for this type of content management include Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Contribute and HTML editors included with some hosting packages.

During our analysis of your needs we can help you determine the best content management solution to fit your needs.

Content Management for Website Administration

Calendar for website applications and self managed

Content management through databases for teacher wishlist website application

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