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A dynamic application such as a calculator can be a helpful feature to offer your customers and clients. The simplest can be basic math calculators but just as effective are product pricing calculators. If you provide your customers with a convenient method to accurately price out a product, you give them useful information to make a purchasing decision. At the same time you relieve yourself of many presales questions especially if you also offer detailed product information.

Accuracy and reliability of the data you provide is critical. We research and test our calculators to assure their accuracy. As with all of our services, you receive a full year warranty on all work as outlined in our terms of services.

Gemini Sign Letters Order Calculators

Shopping carts perform basic calculations to determine total pricing for product quantities, taxes and shipping & handling. Gemini letter products do not conform to standard eCommerce pricing and required a custom application. We developed five calculators that contain pricing information originally found in their 200 page catalog. Their calculators have been so successful that they use their own website instead of the catalog to price out sign letter jobs.

Free Online Calculator

We started Free Online Calculators in late 2006 as a testing site for calculators for websites. We continually develop and test calculators for future use by clients.


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